Morris Academy Publications


Presently, there are two Morris dictionaries, the Morris Pocket Basque-English English-Basque Dictionary and the Morris Student Plus Basque-English English-Basque Dictionary. As soon as both were published, the Morris dictionaries quickly became the Basque-English English-Basque dictionaries which are used in the Basque Country. Today, they are by far the most widely used Basque-English dictionary in the world and in the Basque Country it has completely supplanted previous Basque-English dictionaries. These dictionaries are revolutionary in their scope as they are the first Basque dictionaries in history that were expressly written for Basque-speakers wishing to learn another language. All other dictionaries have been written for Spanish-, French- or English-speakers wishing to learn or improve their Basque.


Morris Pocket Plus Dictionary

The Morris Pocket Dictionary is the not only the most used English-Basque Basque-English dictionary, it is practically the only one used throughout the Basque Country and in every school that teaches through the medium of Basque. This is indicative of the solid scholarship of the dictionary and its overall usefulness. This is the second edition of the popular Morris Pocket and reflects new Euskaltzaindia (Royal Academy of the Basque Language) rules and words (e.g. “espiritu” instead of “izpiritu”, “jardun” instead of “ihardun”; blog, spam) that have come into widespread use since 1998. It quickly cemented the high reputation of Morris dictionaries as the most used English-Basque dictionaries in the Basque Country.


Morris Student Plus Dictionary

The first edition came out as a supplement in the newspaper Euskaldunon Egunkaria newspaper in 1998. The second edition, larger with more illustrations, came out a few months later in the same year. To date, the second edition is still the largest English-Basque Basque-English language dictionary ever published. Its structure and treatment of word articles is by far the most advanced and sophisticated of all bilingual Basque dictionaries ever published, including all of the Spanish-Basque dictionaries. Work is quite advanced on the the third edition which will be the largest bilingual Basque dictionary in existence, i.e. even larger than any Basque-Spanish dictionary. There will also be an edition available for English-speakers who wish to learn Basque soon. A new edition of this is in the works and will be known as the Morris Universalis Dictionary.


Morris Magnum English-Basque Dictionary

The Morris Magnum Dictionary is not only the largest English-Basque dictionary ever, it is the largest bilingual Basque dictionary ever published in the history of Basque. The Spanish Parliament kindly granted funds for the project when others balked. The first edition was quickly sold out and a second, more complete and even more stunning edition is being prepared. The second edition will have thousands of illustrations, thousands of more sentences, tens of thousands more headwords, grammatical notes and numerous addenda that hitherto have never appeared in a Basque dictionary. The second edition will dwarf anything similar in the neighbouring languages.


Online Morris  English-Basque Dictionary


The Morris Basque-English English-Basque dictionary is available on line at the Basque Government website: It comes complete with pronunciation files in both British and American English and even has transcription information.


Dictionaries and Other Projects in Progress

Currently, there are two dictionary projects in progress,  the Morris Thai-English Dictionary and the Morris Chinese-English dictionary. These will initially be for English-speakers wishing to learn these languages. These, along with other languages, will eventually be available online at, a dictionary portal currently under construction.