A Staple of English Education Since 1988

Morris Academy was founded in 1988 by Mikel Morris, a well-known linguist and lexicographer who saw a growing need for quality English teaching in Zarautz and the greater Basque Country.

Today, the academy has grown exponentially in popularity and demand, and is now a household name in the region. Many academies (both big and small) have come and gone since Morris Academy’s founding, and this is a physical testament to the importance of quality instruction and proven teaching methods. At the Morris Academy, these two principles have and always will be of the utmost importance.

How It All Started

Mikel Starts the Dictionary

March 15, 1979

Mikel Morris, the owner and headmaster of the Morris Academy, embarks on a difficult and revolutionary 19-year long project: to write one of the most recognized English-Basque Dictionaries. 

Morris Academy Founded


Recognizing the growing need for quality English instruction (which was nonexistent at the time), Mikel opens the Morris Academy in Zarautz. 

Dream Fulfilled: Dictionary Complete!

February, 1998

19 years after first setting pen to paper, the Morris Dictionary is completed and recognized as the official English-Basque, Basque-English dictionary of the Basque Country. 

Moving Forward and Onward


With the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Morris Academy a year away,  we are proud to announce the addition of a new location: Hernani!